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“Fitzgerald’s is possibly the best ‘capsule summary’ of the mythicist case I’ve ever encountered …with an interesting and accessible approach.” 
—Earl Doherty, author of The Jesus Puzzle

“Fitzgerald summarizes a great number of key arguments concisely and with new power and original spin. I really learned something from him. Recalls classical skeptics and biblical critics. A surprising amount of new material.” 
—Robert M. Price, author of Deconstructing Jesus and The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man 

“David Fitzgerald reveals himself to be the brightest new star in the firmament of scholars who deny historical reality to “Jesus of Nazareth.” His brilliance would have been sufficiently established had he done nothing more than illustrate and explain traditional arguments with a clarity and transparency never achieved by us old-timers. But he has done more. He has developed new arguments and insights as well that will help any honest seeker after truth understand how a fictional character — perhaps the hero of a mystery play or liturgy — could come to acquire a biography. Thanks to Fitzgerald, we can see more clearly now how Jesus got a life.” 
—Frank R. Zindler, editor of American Atheist Press and author of The Jesus the Jews Never Knew: Sepher Toldoth Yeshu and the quest for the Historical Jesus in Jewish Sources 

“Say what you will about the overall conclusion that Jesus never existed, but you can’t deny that when it comes to the ten modern myths about Jesus dissected here, Fitzgerald has hit the nail on the head. All ten points are succinct and correct. A nice, readable introduction to the top ten problems typically swept under the rug by anyone insisting it’s crazy even to suspect Jesus might not have existed.” 
—Richard C. Carrier, Ph.D., author of Not the Impossible Faith: Why Christianity Didn’t Need a Miracle to Succeed and the forthcoming book On the Historicity of Jesus Christ ( 


“David Fitzgerald explains religion in a way pastors rarely do: by telling the truth. Along the way, we find ourselves laughing—partly because he’s hilarious and partly because we’re horrified by the beliefs that millions of people hold. If the first step to curing the Religion Virus is to understand the disease, I, for one, am glad to have David as my teacher.”
– Hemant Mehta

“In the last several years, David Fitzgerald has emerged as one of the few authors who can discuss the academic particulars of history in a fashion that makes them accessible and entertaining. I learned quite a bit about the outlandish and immoral history of the Mormon Church by reading the Mormon installment in David’s collection on Western religion. This new work continues in the same engaging vein that made Nailed a success and departs from his old style only in ways that make this book the best in his, thankfully, still-growing collection… Even the proof version of the book is stellar. David has a real gift for writing about academic material in a way that a music major like me can not only ‘get it’ but also in a way that makes it not stiff as a freaking board, the way a lot of informative literature is written.”
– JT Eberhard, Co-founder of Skepticon, Blogger (What Would JT Do?)

“David Fitzgerald’s The Mormons is an excellent primer for anyone interested in this strange and secretive religion. The chapter on archaeological difficulties should close the door for anyone wondering if the Book of Mormon is actual history, or corresponds to anything found in the real world.” 
Former Mormon elder (for 28 years) Brian Dalton, star of “Mr. Deity”

“If you find history boring, it’s because you haven’t heard it from David Fitzgerald. The quote, ‘History is the autobiography of a madman,’ was surely talking about Joseph Smith and the Mormons. Fitzgerald captures those ravings perfectly. (If you read Fitzgerald’s previous book, Nailed, you may be disappointed to learn that Joseph Smith was in fact a real person) Fitzgerald has an affable personality and is always quick with a joke and a smile. When he talks about history he is able to direct that charm like a laser while delivering top-notch scholarship. Also, most historians don’t wear kilts. This is a problem I’m glad Fitzgerald is addressing. If you only read one book this year that was translated from gold tablets written in reformed Egyptian, make it this one!”
– Steven Olson, author of Unbelievable History

“I’ve been an atheist for awhile, but it’s David Fitzgerald’s fault that I no longer believe in Jesus. His first book, Nailed, was simply amazing, and now he’s putting Mormons front and center in this hilarious, yet informative and influential look into the Church of Latter Day Saints. This is a must read for every BYU student.” 
-David Smalley Dogma Debate Radio

“When discussing religion David Fitzgerald has the unbridled enthusiasm of the geekiest kid you knew in high school describing a favorite episode of Dr. Who, but this enthusiasm is oddly and delightfully paired with the confidence and efficiency of words you’d find in a seasoned stand-up comedian. He is therefore perfectly suited to entertain while educating the masses. If I believed in God I’d thank her for giving us David Fitzgerald.” 
– Keith Lowell Jensen, Comedian/sex god 

“This book lays out everything you need to know about the origins and development of the Mormon Church, from its sacred underwear to its influence on the original TV series Battlestar Galactica. Fitzgerald has read all the leading literature and spoken to numerous informants, and it shows. The legacy of lies and hypocrisy and even murder he documents is appalling and, I have to admit, sadly funny. And with the Mormon Church now even fielding presidential candidates, this book has become a must-read.”
– Dr. Richard Carrier, author of Not the Impossible Faith: Why Christianity Didn’t Need a Miracle to Succeed

“In this “outside looking in” view of Mormonism, Fitzgerald not only educates the reader with impeccable research, but cuts into the absurdity of the Mormon faith with his laser-precision comedy. This is not only an enlightening read, but a fun and wacky read as well – as truly befits the subject.” 
– Andrea Moore-Emmett, author of God’s Brothel


“My new favorite book! David takes the reader on a (de)mystifying journey into and then out of the dreamscape I once held as “reality.” Every page is yet another step up and out of the modern-day-evangelicals’ very own Platonian cave. My only disappointment is that he didn’t write this book thirty years ago! It would have saved me half a lifetime of chasing shadows and searching for someone who still remains ‘mything in action.’”
—Jerry DeWitt, Author of Hope After Faith 

“A brilliant read. Jesus: Mything in Action is the definitive guide to Jesus’s historicity. It’s a masterpiece of scholarship that will be studied for decades to come.”
— Peter Boghossian, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Portland State University and author of A Manual for Creating Atheists 

“It’s not hard to convince atheists that God doesn’t exist, but denying the existence of Jesus? Most of us have never even considered that possibility. David Fitzgerald walks us through why that’s such an important question and then makes a strong case for why biblical scholars – and casual church-goers – should take a second look at an assumption they’ve long taken for granted.”
—Hemant Mehta, Editor of 

“A thorough and entertaining survey of what’s wrong with secular scholarship on Jesus, why most scholarship on Jesus isn’t really secular, and why the possibility that Jesus was mythical needs to be taken seriously. Every Jesus-myth enthusiast will want to read and reference this one. His demonstration that an alarming number of Jesus scholars are actually contractually required to deny mythicism is alone worth the price of admission. His also revealing the embarrassing truth of how historicist scholars contrive even more flawed or ridiculous theories than mythicists is just gravy.”
—Richard C. Carrier, Ph.D., author of On the Historicity of Jesus 

“David Fitzgerald: one of our liveliest, wittiest writers, and a scrupulously thorough researcher. As entertaining as The Mormons – and as carefully, scholarly, detailed, and truthful. And that’s well deserved high praise. 

For the rest of my life, when Christians challenge me on my criticisms of the truth of their tales and the worth of their piety, I will just say, ‘Read David Fitzgerald’s Jesus: Mything in Action and then get back to me.’ 

Fitzgerald has provided us with the most readable, engaging, scholarly, and utterly thorough dismantling of biblical Christianity – and both the Jesus of faith and Jesus of history – I could’ve ever even imagined. My fellow citizens of Heretic Nation (as Fitzgerald fondly calls us) and I now have all we need for giving the Christian apologists reasons to backpedal – and plenty to apologize for.”
—Ed Buckner, Former President of American Atheists (retired) 

“With this book, Fitzgerald brings forth his best work yet, targeting an audience that is generally open-minded, smart, educated, skeptical, and evidence based. Yet, there are atheists, non-believers, freethinkers and overall believe-in-god- challenged people who are still convinced Jesus was a real historical person. On this I say the author is mistaken – this exceptional book should target all those who care about what is true – yes, including Christians. This outstanding book provides a remarkable amount of evidence that clearly exposes the myth of a historical Jesus and it backs it up with a great wealth of references giving the reader little option but to be a “militant agnostic” about Jesus’ historicity. Even with a treasure-trove of information, this book is an easy read for anyone high school and up. The detailed approach to each piece of evidence and their link to each other, as well as the right amount of pages to present such evidence, its compelling logic, and the brilliant presentation makes Jesus: Mything in Action one of the best books I’ve read in recent years. “
—David Tamayo, President & Founder Hispanic American Freethinkers, Inc. 

“As Charles Darwin drew upon the evidence in the natural world around him for the conclusions presented in The Origin of Species, so does David Fitzgerald with regard to history. In Jesus: Mything in Action, he reviews the evidence we have as well as the evidence we should have but don’t, how we ended up with what we do have, and what that all might mean for the myth of Jesus. With a high-level overview followed by meticulous examination on each point, David’s writing is conversational, fun, and accessible to laypersons and academics alike – while providing a veritable treasure map of resources for anyone looking to dig deeper.”
—Lyz Liddell, Executive Director of Reason Rally 2016 

“For many years now I have said, “I am a 50% mythicist.” I have read, studied and observed the debate and scholarship for decades; however, I wasn’t quite there yet and still had a lot of questions. After reading Jesus: Mything in Action, I am now a 172% mythicist. However, this is not just a book on the mythicist debate, David Fitzgerald turned my view of the New Testament and early Christian writings upside down. A view and understanding that I have had since my studies began as an undergraduate. If you have read Ehrman, Price, Carrier, or any number of other authors, this book brings them all together and clears away the fog.”
—Darrel Ray, Ed.D., author of The God Virus, and Sex and God 

“Jesus: Mything in Action, David Fitzgerald’s follow-up to Nailed, asks piercing questions that won’t go away. If Christianity began with a historical Jesus, then where is he? Why is he a no-show in every written work outside of the gospels? And if we can trace the literary and theological antecedents of every gospel story, is the historical Jesus even necessary? David takes us on a gripping journey through time to show where the myths of the heavenly Christ as well as the legends of the historical Jesus came from. But no matter where or when we look, Jesus of Nazareth himself is the man who wasn’t there. Don’t myth it!”
—Tim Widowfield of 

“Who was the real Jesus? There is no consensus. There is the Catholic Jesus, the Orthodox Jesus, the Muslim Jesus, and many more. They can’t all be right. What if they are all wrong? In Jesus: Mything in Action, David Fitzgerald explores the “Jesus of Faith” and the “Jesus of History” which ultimately leads him to ask the question, “Did Jesus really exist?” With wit, insight, and an immense amount of research, this startling book makes a compelling case to support the Jesus Myth theory. I really enjoyed this book and think you will too.”
—Dr. Karen Stollznow, linguist, author of Hits & Mrs., Language Myths, Mysteries and Magic, God Bless America, Haunting America and Would You Believe It? and host of the Monster Talk podcast 

“David Fitzgerald’s latest may have supplanted Nailed as my go-to resource regarding Jesus. Mything in Action makes a compelling case against the long-calcified academic assumptions that Christ’s legend is based on a literal person, but much more usefully, it provides a thoroughly-sourced and navigable journey around and over the huge cracks in Jesus’ supposedly pristine persona. Mything in Action deftly dissects the conflicting and often nonsensical New Testament Jesus tales, exposes the perilous holes in Jesus “history,” and reveals a curiously confused Christ portrait that – very possibly – was drawn straight from imagination.” 
—Seth Andrews, broadcaster, author, host of 

“Brilliant, very readable and comprehensive. A wide-ranging discussion of the evidence for Jesus demonstrating that it is exactly what we should expect if Jesus began not as a historical figure but as a theological and literary invention. David Fitzgerald’s opening chapters are especially noteworthy as a wonderful breath of fresh air for anyone who has read the diatribes of scholars hostile to the Christ Myth hypothesis. Partly with the assistance of some original research Fitzgerald exposes just how self-interested, strained and nonsensical those attacks have been.”
—Neil Godfrey of 

“In his latest book, David Fitzgerald asks all the right questions about Jesus. He does not try to ‘prove’ any preconceived notions; rather, he follows the evidence. I was indeed surprised and absolutely captivated by what followed – a real page turner, full of interesting and entertaining facts, many ‘impossible to argue’ conclusions, a time travelling tour – exceptionally imaginative, brilliantly coordinated and hugely informative. This outstanding work is a must read for anyone who is questioning their faith or seeking confirmation that their atheistic leanings are indeed well founded. They say the quickest way to become an atheist is to read the Bible; this book could be an even faster route (it is shorter); so I would also recommend it to those who believe but are willing to put faith aside for a moment and ‘check the facts’ with an open mind. If you have the courage, then just as Fitzgerald promises, you really will “never look at Jesus the same again.” 
—Jim Whitefield, author of The Bible Delusion: 101 ‘Hang on a Minute’ Moments; And God’s Mysterious Ways and The Mormon Delusion series 

“The genre of history is underpinned by scientific discipline. Although history involves telling stories about the past, the aim is that these should be stories based on evidence, not on prejudice or fancy or the wish to convey a moral. Stories that are told against the facts, especially those told with moral intent, are very likely to be myths. David Fitzgerald’s objective, well-researched, and clearly expressed book correctly consigns Jesus firmly to that latter genre.”
—Andrew Copson, Chief Executive, British Humanist Association

“I am often shocked by the number of non-believers who accept the Jesus myth unquestioned. Now, with Jesus: Mything in Action, David Fitzgerald removes all doubt that the history of Jesus is nothing but folklore and mythology. This is a welcome addition to any library of those interested in seeking out the truth with fact-based logic and reason.”
—Dan Arel, Author of The Secular Activist and Parenting Without God

“Take your book off the shelf, Tom Aquinas, your Summa Theologica is being replaced by David Fitzgerald’s Summa Mythologica! Jesus: Mything in Action is the most nearly exhaustive synthesis of evidence indicating the non-historicity of Jesus of Nazareth ever written. Best of all, it’s written in breezy English prose—not the labyrinthine Latinate crime so often committed when discussing “sacred subjects.” The organizational logic of the book is impressive; it reminds me of Euclid’s Elements. Historical Jesus scholars should not be fooled by the ease with which this book can be read by the educated layperson: this book is a must-read for Jesus specialists also Mything in Action is a milestone along the long path to progress in Mythicist studies.” 
—Frank R. Zindler, American Atheist Press 

“A very handy and entertaining popular-level reference guide to the topic. Loved the H. G. Wells themed section that creatively reveals how the faith could have started without the Historical Jesus and how little even the earliest Christian authors knew about Jesus!”
—Raphael Lataster, author of Jesus Did Not Exist and Teaching Fellow (Studies in Religion) at the University of Sydney. 

“(David Fitzgerald) writes in a clear, lucid, and concise style unencumbered by the jargon and the convolutedness that usually characterizes academic writing. He writes for regular folk, not for scholars. What’s more, he has a sense of humor that is usually lacking in the field of New Testament studies, without losing sight of the seriousness of the subject. Because of this accessible aspect, Nailed is an excellent introduction for any lay person interested in why some scholars question the historicity of Jesus but who doesn’t have either the time or the concentration to wade through 800 pages of Doherty or of Carrier.  I recommend it highly as a gateway book.”
—   The Mythicism Files:A Who’s Who/What’s What in the ongoing discussion on the historicity of Jesus.

“Straightforward and charismatic, his is a much-needed voice in the N.T minimalism wilderness. I think he will continue to make valuable contributions to the ongoing discussion on historicity.”
—   The Mythicism Files:A Who’s Who/What’s What in the ongoing discussion on the historicity of Jesus.